How to wash a Down Sleeping Bag?

How to wash a down sleeping bag?

Keeping your down sleeping bag clean is the most effective way to care for it as well as retain its loft and warmth. Regardless of the way you choose: hand washing or by hand, we are here to give you the best guide ever to wash your down sleeping bag.

1. Machine washing a down sleeping bag

Firstly, you need to run it through a rinse cycle empty to wipe off any previous soup residues before putting it in the machine. And you should be noted that your machine must be empty because any little subject remaining in it can have a certain influence on your bag.

Then, you will do up all the zips and velcro on the bag. After that, check the whole bag to make sure it has a waterproof shell or not. If yes, you need to turn it inside out.

Next, all you need to do is to put your bag in the machine and add a pure, mild soap, or a technical cleaner. However, you should carefully consider regular or softener, as that stuff can somewhat damage down sleeping bags.

The next step is to washing down your sleeping bag at 30◦ or on a delicate cycle. As soon as finishing washing, you need to rinse the bag thoroughly and carefully check up on it (whether it is completely rinsed).

Then making sure that you place several towels on the floor to soak up any water before removing the bag from the machine. Please make sure that the length of the bag is supported when moving to the dryer because the down feathers are delicate and the sleeping bad is heavier when it gets wet.

In order to prevent the down clumping together, you should place several tennis balls into the dryer. It might take times for the bag get dry, so be patient.

2. Hand washing a down sleeping bag

Because of the common size of a sleeping bad, you should wash it by hand in a bath.

Before you fill the bath up with lukewarm water, you need to rinse it, then add your mild fabric cleaner or specialist down cleaner to the bath and mix it around until it is evenly distributed. Next, you will submerge the bag into the bath. After that, let it rest for an hour or so, drain the water, refill again with fresh water. After that, walking up and down the bag to remove all the soap from the bag.

Once your sleeping bag is soap free, drain water from the bath and push down on it to get rid of any remaining water from the bag.

Tumble dry on a low heat if allowed, but it is better to let it get dry by air. Whether you wash it by hand or machine, it all takes time for you bag completely to be dry.

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