Where is Opal Creek Oregon?Where is Opal Creek Oregon?

Where is Oal Creek Oregon

If you wish to escape the fierce heat of summer, don’t hesitate to visit the gorgeous and refreshing pools of Opal Creek and enjoy the magic of the moments at Opal Creek. Although it may take an effort to reach, it is worth each step of the journey. Journeying the trails into Oregon’s Opal Creek Wilderness, you will feel as if you are entering a freezer door formed by towering, ancient Douglas fir trees shrouding and shading the cold Opal Creek.

rustic rental cabins at Opal Creek Oregon

There are many rustic rental cabins being available for an overnight stay (by reservation only), an education center, a general store and even a restaurant.

Opal Creek (Oregon): A natural wilderness area located east of Salem, in the Willamette National Forest. Opal Creek runs through thousands of acres of protected old-growth forest, crisscrossed with over 30 miles of hiking trails.

Trees at the Willamette National Forest

It is also extremely exciting to discover the meaning of the name “Opal” which illustrates a woman’s beauty: It had been called “Boulder Creek” until an early US Forest Service Ranger (Elliot) saw Opal Creek and said it was almost as beautiful as his wife. So, he named it Opal Creek.

Boulder Creek

1. Ancient forest

This area is famous for containing thousands of acres of untouched old growth forest, with trees over 1,000 years old. In the Willamette National Forest, Opal Creek, which is more than 100 miles from Portland, is one of many small treasures discovered across the huge 35,000-acre Opal Creek Wilderness and National Scenic Recreation Area.

pristine lakes, waterfalls at Opal Creek Oregon

You will surely be captivated by a wide variety of its pristine lakes, waterfalls, streams and a large number of giant trees being a thousand years old. However, when you take a riverside walk tours, you will see the forest of 500-year-old trees being endangered by logging proposals. It is vital to protect and preserve Oregon’s fast-disappearing ancient trees as

2. Three Pools

Three Pools on the North Fork of the Santiam River is among the best swimming and cliff-jumping locations in Oregon. What makes Three Pools a stunning summer getaway is the unique combination of basalt outcroppings and emerald pools. Furthermore, there are multiple swimming holes and super clear water with a couple of different locations to cliff jump from, making it the perfect summer and attracting over 15,000 people a year. Besides, there is a calmer section near the bottom that would make great for those with little kids.

Pools on the North Fork of the Santiam River

To have a blast at Three Pools, don't forget your sunscreen and always be aware of your surroundings by checking out all the current conditions and dangers since swimming and cliff jumping can both be very dangerous even though you can easily avoid the water with strong current or you're at a moderately safe place with lots of people.

3. An attractive tourist destination

This wonderful destination opens all year although the route may be snowy or icy after mid-winter storms. Still, this is a wonderful place for families to visit or bring little kids to feel you’re all in a wilderness. You can stay here for a night, then hang out on a backpacking trip and return and stay for another night.

Opal Creek Ancient Forest attraction

In addition, the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Education Center offers a varied curriculum suitable for both adults and children about the values and the science of the land and water found in an old growth forest.

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